Habitat Grove

Location : Moerenuma Park, Sapporo Hokkaido Japan
Connected event : Snowscape Moere 7
Date : Feb. 2012
Size : 50 x 50m
Materials : Agricultural windshield

The woods appeared in the white snow field whispers us, “Get your habitat, do it following your impulse.”
Nowadays, we gained highly industrialized residence and it’s quite comfortable, it is our result of an effort to live in such a hard environment of the earth. However, staying in the quite nice shelter routinely for decades, we seemed to stop relation both physically and inner with surrounding environment.
French philosopher Gaston Bachelard says “House is our corner of the world.” We were actually realizing the “Corner” that was fragile but able to save to live under the immeasurable force of surrounding environments, founding a cave, pit dwelling, Tipi, Chise, and so on. This work is a kind of re-realizing process of the relation between such a human primitive impulse for habitat and nature.