Crawling Shadow

Location : Sapporo city central, Hokkaido Japan
Date : Jun. 2010
Materials : Battery light
Performance : Hidemi Nishida, Kotaro Ishizuka, Shunsuke Watanabe, Genki Fujita, Yumino Hagiwara, Michiko Yamamoto, Sayuri Zushi

CRAWLING SHADOW PROJECT 2010 from Hidemi Nishida on Vimeo.

Shadow is stretching on the empty wall of buildings. It walks, runs and dances on the wall. It’s just amplifying movement of parformars in front of light source, and the moving shadows intervene into the city landscape. When pedestrians notice that amplified and projected movement on the wall, they might think like “What’s happening at around light source?, what happening in the town?”.
This project open the interest at one’s movement, not a group’s, in the systematic urban community. It’s a kind of urban media device.