Next Utopia 003

Exhibition : Gwangju Biennale 2014

Location : Gwangju, South Korea 

Date : Sep. 2014

Size : 4m x 5m

Materials : Found objects in the city of Gwangju

You can find the people who carries the trolley with full of scraps on the street in Gwangju. They are collecting the scraps caring the trolley around the town. They sell it to the scrap shop that you can also find everywhere in the town with a mountain of scraps. The trolley people sell the scraps like 10won/Kg (10cent/Kg). And you can buy the scraps from the shop spending not that expensive price.
This circulation is supported by the whole town because there is an unspoken rule among the citizen. If they got something no need anymore they put them out side of their house. The the trolley people could collect them and sell it for their live.
I was going around the shops in the town and collecting inspiring materials.
And re-configure the live elements like a bed, shower, kitchen, dining and toilet.