Floating verandah

Location : Nukuri village Shimada city Shizuoka, Japan
Exhibition : Unmanned Station Art Festival 2020
Date : Mar. 2020
Materials : Wood

There is beautiful tea field village in the deep mountain along the Oi-river in Shizuoka prefecture.
Nishida collaborated with local tea farmers to create unusual experience of the tea landscape.

This floating, circular shaped verandah is built right in the middle of the tea field area in Nukuri village. The verandah deck is about 2 metre height from the ground. People can access to the top with steep stairs in the middle of the structure. And enjoy the unusual view of the ocean of the tea field.
Oi-river used to hove a rich amount of water and have very big river-width. And it overflowed quite often. So it was very difficult to build fine bridge. And people living along the river were always struggling to transfer people, resources, and information between each side. They used tiny suspension bridge, cable way, and visual signal to get contact to “other side”.
Make contact to other side people was an important matter for them and they spent a lot of effort on it. This floating verandah reminds today’s people this sense of consciousness against the “other side” with slow and relaxing time looking out far distance.