Fragile Occupancy _ dance

Location : Manage exhibition space Moscow, Russia
Date : Aug. 2013
Size : 12m x 12m x 4m
Materials : Plastic bubbles, electric fan, projectors
Video art : Teppei Koseki
BUTO dance : Shoji Yaushis
Photo and video document : Yusuke Momma
Article : designboom

Fragile Occupancy _ dance from Hidemi Nishida on Vimeo.

The gallery space is filed with massive transparent bubbles. Viewers can wander around the narrow space between bubbles.
On the surface of bubbles, a video work that is created by video artist Teppei Koseki for this installation are projected. This video work showing 5 different movement of contemporary Buto dancer Yasushi Shoji, and also filling the whole space. Viewers experience the extremely theatrical space.

Photo and video document by Yusuke Momma