Exhibition : Sapporo International Art Festival 2014
Location : 500m Museum, Sapporo city Hokkaido, JAPAN
Date :July. 2014
Size : 2 x 20m
Materials : Print on A4 papers

The Old Temiya-Line is one of the oldest railways in Japan and it was the first railway in Hokkaido which contributed a lot for the development of the northern big island in the end of the 19th century. But this railway had finished its role, and now out of any use and left for long years already. It’s somehow kept as a historical heritage by Otaru-city but changing it’s shape into more touristic walking path.
The local people being a bit melancholy to lose the symbolic landscape of their origin.
This installation is a scanning of a part of the railway ground where still have an original landscape.
It could be said as a digital frottage containing the details of the memory.